A one time financial audit can lead to significant financial recoveries, however, the real savings comes from monthly bill verification.

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SPARCcom & Associates, founded in 1996, is an IT management consulting firm that specializes in improved network efficiency and reduced infrastructure cost. As corporations and government agencies seek to streamline there operations and adhere to executive directives, they are challenged to consider IT solutions that improve complex IT services while reducing cost and operational risks.

Most companies overspend for voice and data telecom services, cutting into corporate profitability. Thatís why companyís with a sincere allegiance to the bottom line are now requiring that there telecom infrastructure operate at minimum cost, while still achieving the highest performance levels. Telecommunications assets are among the most difficult to manage and telecom services are one of the largest expenses for corporations and government agencies. In many financial, technology, and government organizations telecommunications cost often represent the second or third highest expense item often rivaling personel cost.

Our Routes to Value targets all the major categories where excess telecom cost can be eliminated and network performance improved while ensuring business and IT alignment. SPARCcom will analyze items such as:

  • mobile and cellular services
  • point-to-point data
  • frame relay networks
  • PBXís
  • market data infrastructure
  • web hosting networks

SPARCcom identifies discrepancies in your billing for recoveries and make recommendations to reduce network cost thereby, turning off the expense leaks. SPARCcom focuses is on driving out cost while preserving service levels and improving productivity.



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